USB Thermometer

Temperature monitoring

    • Compatible with:
    • Vigor 2760
    • Vigor 2832
    • Vigor 2860
    •  Vigor 2925
    • VigorAP 810
    • VigorAP 900
    • VigorAP 902
    • VigorBX 2000
    • Vigor 2960
    • Vigor 3900
  • Web Interface :
  • 24-hour graph
  • Current temperature
  • Min/Max 24 Hours
  • Alarm Max/Min Thresholds
  • Continuous Reporting to syslog
  • Syslog Reporting
  • Email & SMS Reporting on threshold breach
  • USB Extension cable included (1M)
  • Mounting hole (for fixing or hanging)


USB Thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature of surroundings.

With the installation of this USB thermometer, compatible Vigor routers can take continuous temperature readings from the vicinity of the router. This USB thermometer connects to the router's USB port either directly or placed nearby using the supplied 1 Metre USB extension cable.

You can log into the router at any time and see the current temperature and the previous 24-hour's high/low as well as graphs. You can set thresholds so that if it gets too hot or too cold at the sensor, you'll receive an email or SMS (text message).