Setting up Vigor2860/Vigor2925 series with SingTel Mio TV

SingTel Mio - Internet VLAN 10, TV VLAN 20, VoIP VLAN 30.

1) Click on WAN –> General Setup –> WAN2

Select VLAN Tag insertion: Enable

Internet Tag Vlan: 10
Priority: 0
Internet Port: P2
MioTV Tag Vlan: 20
Priority: 4
MioTV port: P3

2) Under WAN –> Internet Access –> WAN2
i) Make sure Dynamic IP is enable and Obtain IP address dynamically

3) Under WAN –> Multi-PVC
i) Click on item 5. WAN5
ii) Select “Enable”
iii) WAN Type: Ethernet WAN2
iv) VLAN Tag: 20
v) Priority: 0
vi) Check “Open Port-based Bridge Connection for this Channel”
vii) Select P2
viii) Connect MioTV cable to P2.