Setting up BX2000ac IPPBX with SingTel or Starhub SIP trunk

There are 3 Steps to setup the IP PBX phone system within 10 mins. Change of Local SIP port, configure extension numbers and lastly configure the SIP trunk.

A. Change of Local SIP port
  1. SingTel or Starhub require source SIP port from UDP port 5060. You will need to change the IPPBX local SIP port to another port UDP 5067 etc.
  2. On the left menu, click on "IP PBX" -> "PBX System" -> "SIP Proxy Setting". Change SIP Local Port to 5067.

B. Configure Extension
  1. On the left menu, click on "IP PBX" -> "Extension", select one of the index.
  2. Enable Internal Phone Extension Active
  3. Enter the Extension Number. Eg. 101
  4. Enter Display Name. Eg. 101 or anyname
  5. If enable Authentication, enter the password.
  6. Under "Allow to access these Trunks", select the SIP trunk you allow the extension to access. You select all for testing purposes.
  7. Next, configure the IP Phone. Basically these are the information you need to configure on IP Phone:
Username: 101 Eg.
Password: xxx
Server Host and port: IP PBX LAN IP ( and the port is  5067 (configured above)

C. Configure SIP Trunk
  1. On the left menu, click on "IP PBX" -> "Trunks" -> "SIP Trunk", select one of the available trunk index. SingTel and Starhub SIP Trunk does not require registration so select disable. For Register Interface, select "WAN2" if the connection is through WAN2.
Registration: Disable
Register Interface: WAN2
SIP Local port: 5060
Domain/Realm: (SingTel)
Proxy: (SingTel)
Proxy Port: 5060
Display Name: Anyname
Account Number/Name: <SIP trunk number> Eg. 61009999
Answer mode: for testing, you can configure "Forward to Extension" 101 for testing, if you have configured the IP Phone extension number 101 above.