How to configure multiple ISP uplinks with link failover


User required high network availability for mission critical systems and subscribed to 3 ISPs: Viewquest, Starhub fibre connection and M1 4G. User used Viewquest as Primary connection, in the event Viewquest uplink is down, the firewall will failover to Starhub. Only when Viewquest is up, it will take over the connection from Starhub. If Starhub is also down resulted in multiple uplinks failure, M1 4G will take over.




In the proposed setup, Vigor2926L is used in the network implementation. Vigor2926L provides reliable broadband connectivity with the multi-WAN accesses. The two Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports can be operated in failover or load balancing mode to ensure a steady Internet connection. It equipped with 4G modem built in to add additional Internet access over 3G/4G connection.

Vigor2926 Series also covers comprehensive functions, including VLAN, Bandwidth Management, Quality of Service, DNS Control, SPI Firewall, Web Content Filtering, and Central Management solutions to provide a reliable and secure business network.

In the case, Viewquest is configured to WAN1, Starhub to WAN2 and M1 sim card is inserted to the simcard slot.

WAN1 -> Failover -> WAN2 -> Failover -> 4G LTE

Let us know if you nee more information on the implementation. If you have other requirements, let us know.